Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Tidbit- Mosquito Lure

Love Summer Nights on the deck or on the beach? Wouldn't they be so much more enjoyable if not for...MOSQUITOES!

Just read a tidbit in Woman's World Magazine about a natural lure to distract Mosquitoes this summer.Not sure I should let my husband see this.I'm sure he'll be all to eager to provide the empty materials needed. No need for expensive Tiki torches and Smelly Citronella candles. Just place a few empty beer bottles around the perimeter of your party. It seems they are attracted to the aroma wafting from them and will leave you alone.

Now, I was fine with this idea. Maybe put out a few decorative saucers and get rid of slugs too. But then I got to thinking, if mosquitoes are attracted to beer aroma from the empty bottles, what about your guests drinking beer at the party? Won't they be all the more attracted to them? I read Marigolds and Geraniums in the garden have a repelling aroma and gardening is almost as much fun as producing empty beer bottles...almost.

Anyone out there hear or know of any other natural mosquito lures and repellents?

Happy Summer!
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