Monday, June 19, 2006

bye to pretty boys

*Waving* Its Monday, I get to procrastinate!!! It’s a favorite pastime of mine! Although Rissa is a slave driver and I don’t get to do it too often. That’s why it’s scheduled *g* So when I can procrastinate one of my favorite things to do is research. And one of my favorite places to research on the relationships between men and women is Cosmo and I read something that made me do a Caddyshack gopher dance…

Recent Cosmo News said…Out with pretty boys and in with the masculine men. Nothing screams testosterone more than a face with bad-boy scruff or a rugged beard.

And I say Amen! Sorry, but I’m a Viggo over Orlando gal. I am tired of these adolescent looking androgynous men. I am one who melts over a man that gets five o’clock shadow by the time its five o’clock on the same day they shaved! Forget the sad, lost, puppy dog eyes and prepubescent bodies my arms would completely surround maybe twice. I want a determined confident gaze and hard defined pecs. A man that when he stands in a doorway, his shoulders actually block the light.

I also read baggy, hang low, boxers showing, pants on guys is going out of style! I am thrilled about that too! I like to see men in jeans that hug the butt, hint at what lies beneath and are faded in all the right places much more than wondering what could actually be hiding beneath those! *shudder* what do they have to hide?

Now if women in low rise jeans, especially the ones so low they only have two buttons, with exposed thongs would go out of style life would be great!

Have a great week!