Sunday, July 29, 2007

Can creativity be enhanced?

66,000, that’s how many thought the average person has in a day. There are some days you may believe that and some… well…

We all have trouble with ideas, now and then, or with what to do with them once we have them…Getting the creativity to flow. If you’ve never had any creative blocks, please let me know your secret! Some of us become so desperate we will try anything. There is a whole section of the market filled with books on how to overcome writer’s block!
I have collected some techniques that might help, might not. But when you get one of those moments when you sit in front of the computer and that great idea you had earlier in the bathroom just won’t reach your fingers, you might be tempted to give some of these a try. *g* I have.
As for that scene you lose by the time you can finally jot it down, Chew spearmint gum. Chewing increases blood flow to the brain and the spearmint flavor stimulates memory centers. Chewing also reduces muscle tension, relaxing you without decreasing alertness.
And you know I had to get chocolate in here. Eating dark chocolate increases the production of chemicals that influence the right side of the brain. The creativity centers!
Did you know, lower down from the mouth, the sacral chakra is also connected to creativity? It’s suggested to stimulate this chakra you should rotate your hips and lower back. It lets your creativity flow. A good exercise to do this is to pull out the hoola hoops. *blink* I am so trying not to visualize some of us using hoola hoops! But it might be fun to release that inner child if nothing else it will be a good laugh!
In fact playtime is another way to enhance creativity. The Queen of Hearts advised Alice to believe one impossible thing every day before breakfast. It’s good advice. Exercising your brain to the “what if” in life and beyond keeps the ideas flowing
Playing and imagining can wake up the right side of your brain, the side responsible for imagination. Playing an unstructured game like we did as children has been seen to stimulate the growth of nerve cells.
Some ideas for games:
~ Try to recreate your favorite restaurant dish,
~People watch, create a life for someone walking by. Make up the conversation they are having.
~Have a pet? Make up what they are thinking.
~Don’t tie yourself to the computer and insist your mind work. Get out in the world; stimulate yourself with life, books, movies. Break your routine occasionally. Surprise yourself and try something new, go someplace different. The crazier and more fun the better, let yourself be a kid again. When we believed in somewhere over the rainbow. Open your mind to new possibilities!

Okay now when you are back in front of the computer chewing your gum or unraveling a piece of Dove dark, check if your atmosphere is imagination friendly.
I looked into feng shui *nods*
The right atmosphere could improve your productivity and career prospects as well as enhance your success, creativity and wealth.(Honey, we are renovating again!*g*) ~Energy enters from the front door, so you should set up your home office in the front of the house to take advantage of the energy flow.
~Once energy enters the house, it always flows upwards. This means it’s preferable to be on the entry level or higher instead of in the basement.
~If your home office is in your bedroom, hide the office area with a screen at night so that you don’t mix energies when you move from work to sleep. ((hmm as romance writer’s wouldn’t it be beneficial to mix those energies *blink*))
~If your home office doesn’t have a window, brighten up the room with yellow paint, bright lights and pictures of the outdoors.
~If your home office is in the basement, paint the walls and ceilings bright white. Create as much light as possible with bright lighting. Install a fan to get the energy flowing.

Yellow and white huh? “What about other colors?” I ask as I gaze at my blue walls and the orange Gerber daisies in the vase and the violet t-shirt I am wearing… Hey it couldn’t hurt!
Orange instills vitality, movement and joy. It is the color of active creative expression. When we don't express our creativity we become frustrated and depressed. Orange can lift us out of depression and help release our frustrations and fears.
Aquamarine is the color of being in the creative flow, freely expressing yourself. Blue has a calming and cooling effect on our psyche. It is recommended in therapy rooms to aid recovery, and in offices where it can enhance learning, creativity and clear thinking.
Violet is the color of kings and priests and holds much power. Purple is the ray of creativity and has the ability to instill works of art with the power to heal and transform. Wagner used this color in his home decor, especially when he was composing music. Leonardo da Vinci supported using the power of the violet ray in meditation to link with the heavenly world.

Amen to that!

Feel free to pass on any possible creativity boosters and block busters my way,
Happy writing!
May you find inspiration in surprising places and remember that approaching writing and life as fun is the best way to create!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Babies are for bouncing,

and for jouncing on your knee,

For charming you, disarming you,

and giggling with glee.

Babies are for kissing

and missing when you're gone,

For walking with & talking with,

and putting booties on.

Babies are a pleasure

a treasure from above,

They're to adore, but even more,

Babies are for love.

Congratulations to Rissa and her family!
Her first Grandchild has arrived!
Yes Rissa, you are onehot young Grandma!!
(I'll let her catch up on some sleep before I let the teasing start *g*)
Enjoy your grandson and tell him welcome to the world!