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No Kiss Blogfest & a 4 Star RT Review

Hello All, I hope you had the merriest of holidays and find all kinds of prosperity in the new year. We received a fantastic email as a Christmas prezzie. Sapphire Sizzle, the print anthology in which Winning Bess is found, received a 4 Star review from Romantic Times Magazine. Always great to hear when someone enjoys your story! The review and advertisement will be in the Febuary issue.

Looking for a way to celebrate, I noticed some authors on twitter were participating in a "No Kiss Blogfest" posting scenes where that kiss almost happens but...Look here for the info and participants Frankie Writes

So below is a No Kiss scene from Winning Bess, (set up-- the night before Colm had suggested he fight for money to help Bess' dream of leaving Five Point NYC come true, the year is 1847)

“I’ve been thinking about this fighting you mentioned. I do miss sunlight that warms a body and rainfall that refreshes the air.” She hesitated before voicing her objections.

“I know you do.” The muscles in his arm tensed beneath her hand.

“But I don’t want any more bloodshed surrounding my life, Colm. I’ve lost too much to it. I won’t lose…” she bit back you too, “any more. So if you are going to do this fighting I won’t be party to it. You’ve done enough for us already.” Her chin lifted to its stubborn stance and she took a definitive step away from the shelter of his side. Chilled air rushed between them, made her shiver. Made her ache to move right back next to him. She held her ground.

Colm slowed his gait and glanced down at her. “It wasn’t just for your dreams, Bess. I have my own to see to.” The determined fix of his jaw and flare of his nostrils made her heart race.

“Your dreams?” was all she could voice, the blue of his eyes stole her breath.

“My dreams.” He looked ahead again.

The first evidence of green appeared as Washington Square opened before them. It was a small respite in the city but you could already feel new buildings encroaching on it. The Rhinelander’s estate loomed on the other side.

“What are your dreams, Colm?” He never said one word about wanting anything. He never said many words at all.

“I’d rather not speak them aloud.” He stopped and faced her, “But when I achieve them you’ll be the first to know.”

The tone in his voice made all curiosity, all protest lodge in her throat. Unruly black curls swept across his face. Dark blue eyes held her gaze. It was a look that thrilled and terrified her. It made heat flood her insides, made her want to press her lips to his, press her entire body to him.

“Colm…” Her body leaned in. A bell clanged, announcing the approach of the day’s first omnibus. On a quick intake of air she pulled away.

Colm cleared his throat. “We’d better quicken our steps. We don’t want you to be late.” They made their way through the park and around to the servants’ entrance.

Winning Bess
ISBN 9781419918629
Winning Bess Copyright © 2008 Marissa Alwin

Remember to fight for your heart's desire.

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