Monday, December 10, 2007

Absent minded professor syndrome

When you can’t remember the little things like where you put the keys or that you are out of milk or you drive past that turn home you’ve been making for the past 8 years there is no need to worry. It actually means your brain is working better. *blink* Researchers at Stanford University say that forgetting unimportant details makes room in your brain for more important ones. So when brainstorming on a WIP or planning out a scene in your head it’s normal to forget to cook dinner. *g* As long as you remember those important plot details or what makes your characters tick!! LOL

I hope my family buys this research as the holidays approach. I have a list of need to do’s. Twice I went out to do something on it and… came home not doing it. *sigh* will the kids at school mind if they just get mini candycanes from my daughter and no card attached? I came home with other things just not the one I went to get!

Oh and before I go, just one more thing, we have working titles for our WIPs

One is Colm’s Win, an 1840’s historical, is back in Rissa’s hands. Bess is the Heroine, A woman that knows her own mind and what she wants. And that’s to keep those she loves safe, even if she drives them insane in the process.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
8,843 / 20,000

The second is Song of His Soul. The heroine, Agnes, is the sister of Sibil, the heroine in Heart on His Sleeve. Agnes has defined her life by how well she can carry out her responsibilities. Doing them well is the only thing that gives her any value. It’s what her parents have instilled in her and her first husband has made her believe she’s failed miserably. What she truly desires is for someone to love her, just for her. But that’s not possible, is it?

I’ll give you a word count when I finished adding to it *g*

HUGS, May you find a hero who will value you enough to win your heart.