Saturday, July 22, 2006

How, Where, When I write.

I do most of my writing whenever I can because I have no schedule to speak of. I can easily get up to deal with a child, answer a phone, deal with teen drama, or anything that pulls me away from scene and dive right back into it without much or any trouble. Though, I’ve discovered my more productive times are in the early mornings and evenings. ;) When it’s a bit more peaceful around the place.

Besides whenever I can, I also write whenever the mood strikes me. I write at my desk in the corner of the living room and like it when the music is on. I like it when the children are around. I try and write with the television on, sometimes, but that can be a distraction. I tend to be drawn to characters characterizations. Lol…

I have a spare desk top in our bedroom I rarely use. And the dh talks about building me a office for myself, but I don’t know how I’d cope with a complete lack of distraction.

I would love a set schedule, but with four children, two parents, a husband…and friends…running errands, the internet, the TV, the fridge, the chores -I really need to do- promotion, e-mail, Instant Messaging, and chatting, I’ve discovered for me setting weekly goals has at least broken my old habit of binge writing.

And that is my priority, productivity! My goal is to get good material written every single week!

Until later~

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Misused words:

The topic of misused words happens to be a recent discussion on one of my many groups. And *sigh* considering that I’m known for misused words…I thought I’d blog on the topic.

I’d be in a world of hurt if not for my critique partners. More time than not misused words are typos. *long suffering sigh and glares at the word than* then?

See in my case, I learned to speak, read, and write while I was blind. The tricky part was while my mom stuffed my head with words and definitions, I had the hardest time keeping up with ALL the spellings. The HARDEST time. Oh, I have no trouble reading. In fact, I rarely ever run across a word I don’t know the meaning of. But, spelling and some time pronouncing gets very tricky.

As noted above, I even have trouble with simple words such as then and than. *Sigh* How many times over IM have I asked you, Mari for the correct one to use?

Here vs. hear
Principal vs. principle
Mantle vs. mantel
Fare vs. fair
Demure vs. demur
Loose vs. lose
Effect vs. affect
Rein vs. reign
Fiancée vs. fiancé

These and many, many more like spellings are easy typos for me, just waiting to happen. Discovering typos in my own work is the most difficult for me. I much more enjoy critiquing.

I remember years ago, I once had an author call me out in public for a single typo. Can you image? At the time my feelings were a little hurt. It took me a while to get back into participating.

Now, I wouldn’t be phased err…fazed. Now, I’d think-- does she have time to actually correct every author’s post typos? And what are the chances she'll edit for me?

Until later~

PS; On a more interesting note, my DH who is bi-lingual also has trouble with like words. Though, his misused words are in speech as well. I think he’s adorable. One of my favorite misuses of his is-- boomer instead of bummer. LOl…