Wednesday, February 20, 2008

clutter is normal!

I have a confession. I am not only a procrastinator I have clutter all over my house! yes even now that its bigger each room seems to have piles begetting piles. Children's school work and art projects, books to read for fun, books and notes on research for books. magazines....catalogues. No matter how I try, once a pile is cleared up it seems to magically reappear someplace else!

I just read a short psychology article. In it they say disorganized clutter means you are ruled by the creative right brain.! See I knew there was an explanation! Its just my natural inclination! *blink*

Busy under the wire for a submission dealine! *fingers crossed* but we are chatting tonight at 9:00 at the M-spot. click here come on in and say hello.

HUGS May your clutter be filled with creativity.


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