Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Coming soon!

My how time flies, its been almost a year since Heart On His Sleeve was released as an Ellora's Cave Valentine Vixen Quickie. I am so excited to announce that it will be released in print, in an anthology titled Candy Cravings, this Febuary!

Update on Colm's Win, Bess is willing to sacrifice everything to give Colm a fair chance at a victory but still struggles with giving him the prize he truly wants.
Update on progress, *sigh* the meter site isn't cooperating so no pretty graph.
We are up to 13,385 words into the 20,000 total target.

We are chatting tonight at the M'spot!, click here! We being the Mmmm Authors, Mechele Armstrong, Melany Logen, Melissa Lopez, and Marissa Alwin. click the link and come on in!


Blogger Mechele Armstrong said...

So that's why you were talking about the graph not working.. (Hugs) And LOVE the cover!

1/17/2008 12:08 PM  

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