Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hi from busy bees

Just a quick hello. Rissa and I are in the midst of tackling two stories. And at the moment I really do feel like I have a split personality. Both heroines have such different personalities and ways of facing troubles.

Bess is a vivacious little thing who when isnt pleased is found with her hands on her hips and her toe tapping. She is also often found with her chin up in the air, stubborn to the core. She is determined to give her man Colm a very hard time.

Then there is Agnes, very withdrawn and internalizing the emotions caused by all the horrid things going on in her life. You'll find her focusing on some distant spot instead of looking you in the eye, a stoic expression on her face and her fingers nervously twisting her ring. Will Gryffen be able to work his way passed the walls she has put up and let her experience the pleasure life with him can offer? We'll see.

It takes me a bit to step out of one pair of shoes and into the other. After writing a scene for Agnes, my husband kept asking me what was wrong, I seemed sad. I thought for a moment then laughed I had to assure him there was nothing wrong. It was Agnes.

I hope you all get the chance to meet both these ladies and travel with them on their journey toward a happily ever after.

Hugs and wishes for everyone to find the someone special to be thankful for.


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