Monday, December 22, 2008

White Christmas

For the past few weeks we here in my corner of the world were wondering if there just might be truth to the global warming rumor. But with a rumble of thunder that reverberated through our valley at 9:45 am on Dec 19th the first snowflakes started to fall and winter arrived. All day we played Christmas music and baked cookies as it fell. I love it while it’s snowing. There’s a quiet peaceful feeling, everything feels new. Anticipation builds and the holiday spirit arrives. Yup I am finally in the holiday mood. I have the 12 inches of snow and family to thank.

The first weekend in December, my oldest came home to shop. He wanted to get it done before exams and before the stores were out of everything. The sudden interest in shopping for others? I knew it was because this is the first year he’s had a girlfriend for the holidays. Yes, He is still dating our friend’s daughter. He asked me to go with him. He said he had no idea how to shop, especially for girls.

So I went with him. And as we moved through the stores I saw my laid back...go with the flow son... break a sweat. In the end I was proud of him. He really gave his choices thought. He didn’t go for the labels or the higher price tag jewelry. Or grab the first thing that he passed and get it over with. He looked around carefully, and really took what would appeal to her into account. I was so proud of him, so touched that he had really gotten to know her. He also took his time shopping for everyone else in the family, too. I like the influence she has on him. *g*

Then one of my father’s neighbors asked my daughter if she was excited about Christmas. Her eyes beamed and she nodded her head. She asked what she liked most about it. I waited for the word presents to come from her mouth, but it didn’t.

“I get to bake cookies with mommy and all my cousins are coming! We go to Papa’s to watch movies and play games all week!”

My heart grew bigger than the Grinch’s. We must be doing something right if family and traditions are the first things that come to mind when she thinks of Christmas. Oh gifts are up there, too, don’t get me wrong. She has a list a mile long. But her favorite things to do right now are bake cookies for gifts and draw pictures to give away.

My father-in-law does have quite the holiday movie collection and following dinner on Christmas Eve the DVD's are loaded. Holiday Inn, the movie that introduced us to the song, White Christmas, is his favorite and the first one we watch. For the next week we visit and eat ALOT, while we play games and watch the movies.

We sat around last night, playing Mad Gab, and talking about the upcoming movies. We made a list of our favorites:

Favorite Christmas movies

Holiday Inn

White Christmas

It’s a Wonderful Life

Miracle on 34th Street

Christmas Story

Griswald Christmas Vacation

How the Grinch Stole Christmas


Christmas Carol (All versions, but the original with Alastair Sim still wins)

The Santa Clause 1-3

Home Alone 1&3

Babes In Toyland~ Laurel & Hardy

The Polar Express 3D

Die Hard

The Bishop’s Wife

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Christmas in Connecticut (original)


So My family is all home and we are preparing for the holidays. It’s going to be a White Christmas. And in 3 days the annual Gianinio Invasion begins. Three generations, all sitting together laughing and being a family.

May you find traditions that warm your heart,


Blogger Amy Ruttan said...

All good choices! :)

Although I've never seen Miracle on 34th Street.

12/23/2008 5:41 PM  
Blogger Marissa Alwin said...

Oh you have to see it!I like both of the versions but the original is my favorite.

12/26/2008 12:27 PM  

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