Thursday, August 28, 2008

Winning Bess- At Your Side

Our upcoming release (SEPTEMBER 19th), Winning Bess, is an Americana set in the late 1840's. During this period thousands of Irish immigrants traveled away from the potato famine and English tyranny. They hoped to find a better life in America. What they found upon arriving in Five Points NY wasn't much better than what they left behind. But they forged through it and found a way to make their dreams come true. Bess and Colm's story focuses on just such a journey.

I have different ways to get my mind ready to write. I look at pictures, read books about history and lore, and/or listen to music to name a few.

To get in an Irish frame of mind while writing Bess I listened to a lot of Chieftains, Corrs and Celtic Woman CD's

Here are a few Corrs' Videos that inspired Bess' mood...
Joy Of Life

Rebel Heart

Lough Erin Shore

Although, At Your Side is not traditional Irish music, it has Irish roots. And to me the lyrics truly relate to Colm and Bess and the journey they're on...

At Your Side.

May you find inspiration all around you. May it bring you the determination to make your dreams come true, despite the odds you face.


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