Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Way Back At RT

Long time no blog! *sigh* No one particular reason why. Just a lot of little ones, the good and the bad, that just seemed to add up. Those are on my personal blog,Maureen Gianinio , if your curious. The last time I blogged was right before Rissa and I headed off to the Romantic Times convention, so I will pick up there.

I had a great time meeting up with online and same time next year friends. LOL the hotel was interesting…it was under renovations. The hallway on my floor was missing a ceiling… just a nice view of insulation and wires. The stairwell acted like a secret passage to those of us that grew tired of waiting for the often too congested elevators. And we often exited into areas where sheets of plastic, keeping spackle dust from flying, were hanging. I often felt like I was walking into a scene of a horror/suspense film. *g* Seriously, though, I had a great time hanging out with people that have become more like family to me.

The lectures were phenomenal and funny. JR Ward, Mary Janice Davidson, LA Banks were among several that related their genre and experience in publishing in very humorous ways.

The only discussion that disappointed me was the Multicultural one. Not because of the panelists. I thought they were awesome and had some great tips. It was just disheartening that to so many attending…multicultural is not Multi. So if you weren’t part of a certain race you shouldn’t try to understand their culture or write it. Some of them scared me.

Editor panels were very enlightening! One of my favorite speakers at the convention was Kensington editor, Kate Duffy! I tell you if you ever have the opportunity to hear her talk, go! She would definitely make a great self-esteem coach if she ever decided to give up editing! Some favorite words of wisdom I took with me were… (paraphrased correctly, I hope)…

~Do Not Listen when someone tells you “Oh that genres dead, no one will sign it. They are looking for…” Never try to make yourself fit in a box…then it won’t stand out, it won’t be your best. Write what your muse tells you. If it’s a great story, publishers will sign it! Also she is on a personal mission to prove that historicals live!~ She is my newest hero!

The dinners and parties were social and I had fun gathering at the lobby bar after, where the celebrating and the talking continued. And I must say I truly appreciated the way Ellora’s Cave treated their authors at the Hollywood ball and the author breakfast.

Here are a few pictures, If you want to see more I put them up on my yahoo blog. Okay I Promise I will be blogging and visiting friends’ blogs more now.
With life’s ups and downs who needs roller coasters!

Mechele and Me
Mechele Armstrong and Mari before the Vampire Ball

save a horse
Ellora's Cavemen are always a highlight to the conventions

MJD and Zombie Zin
Mary Janice Davidson, a friend from Christine Feehans yahooloop and a favorite author, hanging out enjoying a glass of Zombie Zin and some real life chatting.

Flash and Den
Friend and fellow EC Author Stephanie Burke dancing with her hubby at he EC Hollywood Ball

fabio and Macsteel
Fabio and McBeam at the Support our Soldiers function

Bite me trio
Mari with friends Bee, Christine Feehan, and Kelley Graznow

Okay it might look like only 4 people sitting here but its actually 6 *g*
New friend and EC author Sam Cheever, Melissa Lopez, Mechele Armstrong, Maureen Gianinio...Mel and Mechele equals Melany Logen. Mel(Rissa) and Maureen(Mari) equals Marissa Alwin. we all enjoyed the conference and I am excited about Orlando 2009


Blogger Mechele Armstrong said...

So you're going to Orlando? *G*

WB Mari!


8/07/2008 8:21 PM  
Blogger Marissa Alwin said...

LOL yeppers, will be digging into the couch cushions for spare change and saving for this one! What author with children or a kid at heart wouldn't be? *g*

8/09/2008 12:06 PM  

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