Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Batting your lashes

Do the eyes have power when attracting a man? It seems a woman's age old ploy of batting those lashes holds validity.

A longer lash makes the eyes seem larger, makes the lashes travel in a larger arc when she blinks. Since the eye is drawn to noticible movement, fluttering the lashes helps the prospective male take notice and keep eye contact with her.

Large eyes and contrast between eyelashes and the skin color are very feminine characteristics. The darker her lashes, the larger her eyes and greater the contrast appears to the man. Darker lashes also make the whites brighter (a sign of health and youth)

When eyes appear larger she seems more youthful, which makes her easier to approach. It may even elicit a protective response from the man.

So guys if a long dark lashed woman is batting her lashes your way, catching your attention. She just may be interested. Then again she might just have some of that mascara in her eye. Don't let doubts take hold. Go ahead approach her but before you make any moves check out her pupils. If your not in a dimly lit room and they are dialated... well then, she just might be attracted to you.

And when writing remember the tactic and mention the draw of that dark crescent of lashes caressing her cheek or fluttering open framing large feminine eyes has on your hero.

Here's looking at you,


Blogger Amy Ruttan said...

Very interesting article. I never really thought about that.

8/19/2008 12:16 PM  

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