Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Reading a Romance, Enjoying the chase

As many have heard me confess one of my procrastination past-times is reading magazines to find what-ifs and research on character and plot development. Last week I came across two studies that caught my eye...

One study made me smile, glad I am in the writing profession, and that romance is the genre through which my creativity flows. Yay for falling in love and happy ever-afters. The study found that reading a romance novel triggers the same positive physical responses falling in love does, including lowering the levels of Cortisol, the body’s stress hormone.

Another study revealed that the libido can be jump-started by playing a competitive game. One that gets you moving, like tag *g* raises your testosterone level… In case you didn’t know that’s the hormone that boosts your sex drive. Participating in a competitive event can raise it 49% in women and just anticipating the competition raises it 24%. Men’s levels rise too, when he plays sports. But unlike women, whose levels stay peaked win or lose, if his team loses his level plunges. LOL, so Ladies I guess it’s in our own best interest to let him win.

Or as I learned during my eye-rolling through the Bachelor…Let him catch you but make him work at it. It’s not the woman that gives him no contest--I’m all yours--that gets the final rose. It is the one that lets him know she is interested but leads him on a chase -- makes him convince her-- compete for her heart, who receives it.

May you enjoy the conquest, whether by reading the heated chase of hero and heroine in a romance novel or in pursuit of your own true HEA.


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