Monday, January 22, 2007

10 things I do when I'm procrastinating

1. I watch the COLTS play football! Yeah, I should’ve been writing last night. *WOOT*
2. I sort socks. The blasted things seem to multiply and I can think freely while in the laundry room.’s the only room no one will follow me into. *Blink* I can’t figure out why?
3. I rearrange my to-be-read piles. *Whisper* I have thousands yet to be read. They annoy the dh, but I can’t help myself from buying another. My plan is to read them in my retirement.
4. I develop new ideas. *grin* You all should see my idea file...add them to our Mari file and peoples I’ll be writing until I’m too old to retire and simply read for pleasure once more.
5. I read each and normally respond to every one of my friends e-mails as they arrive. Lol..don’t want to fall behind.
6. I spend every moment with my children they want with me, because they're all growing so fast. If I’m working and get interrupted I stop and pay attention to their needs. And they can be so funny!
7. I watch PRISON BREAK, 24, COLD CASE, THE CLOSER, CRIMINAL MINDS, & WITHOUT A TRACE whenever new episodes are on.
8. I go see movies with the children, or the dh whenever asked.
9. *Blush* This one I’d better not type.
10. *Grin* I fill out a list on procrastinating.

This topic was happily stolen from Melany Logen. What do you do when you procrastinate?

Until later~


Blogger Marissa Alwin said...

GASP! Rissa! You procrastinate!?!?!
*g* I am wearing off on you! you know its supposed to be the other way around you are supposed to make me stop procrastinating!

Okay 10 things I do to procrastinate...
1. I fill out...

Okay i will waste time and put it on my 360

1/24/2007 8:45 PM  
Blogger Mechele Armstrong said...

LOL I'm as shocked as Mari. YOU procrastinate?

Mechele aka Lany of Melany Logen

1/25/2007 4:12 PM  

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