Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Mating Game- a team sport.

Since I’ve not been on the dating scene for 20 years (or more if you count the five years my hubby and I dated), I am always on the look out for info on the singles scene to help when writing those scenes in stories. It seems there's a lot of wingman action taking place out there. I think there is even a TV show on a cable network called The Wingman. It seems the Wingman is someone who helps during the courtship pursuit. A recent study out of MIT and Arizona State University has concluded the mating game is a team sport!

It concluded men need help accessing females and women need help avoiding undesirables. When a woman was flirting with a desirable man her friends tended to give her space. But when an undesirable approached, the play called THE BLOCK went into effect. She flashed the "save me" look to her friends and they swooped in surrounding her or pulling her to safety. The opposite was true of men…friends scattered if the woman was a dud and huddled providing support and positive info to conversation when she was a keeper.

Most of the observations also concluded the use of friends as a decoy. Two decoy plays, which were typically used...

THE PICK: when a man wanted a little alone time with new interest, his friend would detain her friend with conversation.

THE ICEBREAKER: to avoid scaring an intended woman off the man would sent a female friend in to soften the situation before approaching.

When asked about cooperating in their friend's pursuit of a mate, even in such a competitive game. People said it gave them self-satisfaction, guaranteed help with their own future pursuits, and helped with friendship maintenance. So even in the dog eat dog world, the highly competitive game of finding a mate is more successful when humans pursue and defend in packs.

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Blogger FeyRhi said...

Thinking of it I first met my husband because of an "Icebreaker". He had his friend, (who was my coworker) question me before he made the first move. LOL

9/04/2009 9:00 PM  
Blogger Marissa Alwin said...

yup, mine too! He was at a friends party and had them call me to get me there!

9/23/2009 12:16 AM  

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