Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brain Drain

Get tongue-tied around that hot guy? Have a guy approach you and have him become suddenly clumsy or at a loss for words? That silent type may not be deep andmysterious, it may be because he thinks your HOT! Is that blood flow south adage true?

New research at Radboud University in the Netherlands measured the effect of mixed-sex interactions on cognitive thinking. It found significant impairment in men. People were asked to talk to a stranger before talking a cognitive test. Talking to a woman imparied men's performances more, especially if he had the hots for her. Whether or not he was in a steady relationship. Women had brain drain too but not at the same downward spiral as the men.

Scientists say that the harder the men tried to make a good impression on a woman the dumber they got. Trying to carefully monitor how you are presenting yourself uses alot of mental activity. Thus tires the brain for other thinking tests. And men seem to put more thought towards possible "mating relations" during interactions than women do.

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