Friday, October 06, 2006

off to NJRW

Hey All!! Just a quick note before we dash out the door. Melissa flew in from Indiana yesterday and survived being taken to see Open Season for my daughter’s Fifth birthday ( HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEANIE) and a night in the cave like dwelling also known as my parent’s basement, where the Hubby and I have been living in since our house renovations started.

We are off to the New Jersey Romance Writer’s -Put Your Heart in a Book Convention. Hopefully, to refill the well and whet the appetite for all kinds of Happy Ever After’s to write and to meet other people that are as insane as we are. Other People who actually enjoy torturing themselves this way! *g*

Mechele Armstrong will be joining us too! *gopher dance and cookie crumb filled hugs*

So combined with the three of us, there will be five published and aspiring authors. Melissa Lopez, Mechele Armstrong, Melany Logen,Marissa Alwin,Maureen Gianinio.

Also Melany Logen’s first Novel will be released through Ellora’s Cave on Oct 25th! Titled Torc’s Savlation, Which take it from this critique partner, is an amazing Futuristic Paranormal! The sequel is just as thrilling!

Yes, The Mmmmm writer’s will be descending on the convention and then a Sunday in NYC! Pray for us and all innocent bystanders *g*

Everyone have a great weekend, will catch you up on things soon


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