Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Monday Muse fits the Current WIP!

Word of the Day was Gratification: one of the meanings' is "a source of satisfaction or pleasure." which helped Sibil explain how to tell a man's intention... from our extremely unedited WIP

“I know not. I do not know if our marriage is just a strategy or if…” Agnes went to twist her ring only to remember she did not have it. She glanced around the room, it was not in sight. Gryffen must have it with him. Would he return it to her? What if she never knows? What if he...She banished the thought of him not returning at all. Protect him, bring him back to me, safe.

“Tis an easy way to tell,” Sibil continued, “When you are alone together, in the bedchamber, how is he with you?”

Agnes felt heat rise up her neck and spread over her face and throughout her body. It was like his hands and mouth still touched her body. Her soul was as alive as her body, with him. “He is caring and generous, passionate… so different from the Duke’s touch. He’s helped erase so much of the pain. My body is so different, so alive, with him.”

“Well, then, he loves you. A man just interested in strategy and position or gratification will take no time for the pleasure of his lady. They just rut.” 

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