Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Taste from WIP-Chocolate Covered

“Open up.” She lifted the chocolate covered strawberry to his mouth a moment before brown eyes darkened. His tongue lingered on her fingertips accepting the offering. At the nip of his teeth her eyes widened and her pulse quickened in her throat.

 “Delicious.” He forced back the smile. How easy it was to read her body language. Arousal. Curiosity. But because she was interested in him didn’t mean she’d want him. Not after everything he’d put her through.

 “Glad you liked it.” She reached backwards. “You want another?”

 He caught her hand, caressed her fingers between his own. “You willing to be my plate?” Chocolate. Icing. Fruit. Yeah, Kate would make the prefect dish. “Lay down and…” He nodded to the oak table. “Then let me eat the dessert off your naked body…”

 “Anchor!” The reprimand didn't hide the excitement in her eyes.

His chest tightened like it did every time she said his name. No one but Kate used his name. To everyone else he was Billings or Bill. There was so much that needed to be said to her and he’d get to it all. Right now looking into her gaze reinforced the fact something besides words had been a long time coming.
With his free hand, he clasped the side of her face. “Kiss me, Kate.”

 At the first brush of lips a low groan vibrated from his chest to mingle with her moan. Her moist mouth opened ever so slightly to allow his tongue to swipe at her lips. He teased the swollen curve of her quivering lower lip. Her breath caught. Exquisite.

 Her lips were sweet to taste. Her tongue shyly invited him to sample more, as her small breasts tantalized, pressed against his body. The breathy little sounds she made drove him to deepen the kiss. He tilted his head sealing their mouths together. He cradled her close to the heat of his body. His arms supported her while they hungrily shared one kiss after another. His appetite, for her, increased along with his need to fight back the almost brutal demands of long suppressed desire.

 Yes, this had been a long time coming.

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