Monday, December 03, 2012

Monday Muse

Needed to exercise my brain to get it going this morning, so pulled out the word of the day. Which on is Effervescent. This word makes me think of Champagne. and then my brain jumped to the 1920's. Maybe because my co-writer and i have it on our list of To Be Written ideas. So the very rough scene below and a little more is what resulted...who knows it might be part of a Work in Progress very soon...

He watched her on the balcony, her feet stepping in time with the notes of the Charleston wafting from the nightclub below. Her legs continued the exuberance of the song as they shifted beneath the shear layers of her dress.  He lingered, a bit too long, on her backside.  Enjoyed the way it wiggled beneath the black silk material.  Damn, she was a distraction. The man to her left, handing her a flute of Champagne, was his target.
She moved away from the railing. Her flushed face reflected her enjoyment of the music, made his mind go straight to how she’d look lying beneath him in bed. Especially as her breasts jiggled beneath the fabric and her long pearl necklace bounced between and over them as her dance continued. She lifted the glass to her lips, the effervescent bubbles made her nose twitch and her lips turn in a smile. She took her sip and giggled.

 “Isn’t my sister a beauty, Vincent?”  Gene Monti, the man he was supposed to be getting close to, cupped his sister’s chin.  

She pulled her head away and lowered her face, clearly embarrassed but not enough for her to keep her eyes lowered. Her gaze locked with his waiting for his reply.

He’d been so mesmerized by the woman he almost forgot to answer to his undercover name.  How to answer this was another problem.  He had to stay on the man’s good side “If you say so, Monti, who am I to argue” 

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