Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kissing a lady's hand

He took the hand she offered. Her cool fingers warmed in his hand. The small contact, not to his surprise, warmed his own blood. She’d caught his interest earlier that day when he witnessed her fiery exchange with the captain. Seeing her here, tonight, made the evening take on a whole new agenda. He smoothed his thumb over the skin he’d soon kiss. Her hand felt soft and delicate, and trembled slightly. Her small tremor skittered through his body. He inhaled her fragrance as he bowed and lowered his head. It awoke a need to taste her. This chaste greeting definitely heated his desire for something more intimate. She tensed in his grasp as his lips pressed to the back of her hand. His chest and other areas of his body clenched. She made a small sound as he exhaled and his breath warmed her flesh. He recognized a sound he wanted to hear again. He straightened. He noted the soft pink that tinted her neck and heated her cheeks. Her lips parted in surprise, or as he’d like to hope, anticipation, is where his next kiss would be. All of her reactions, along with his own, pleased him. The corners of his mouth twitched. He stopped it before the full smile formed. Yes, he had no problem kissing a lady’s hand, after all one had to start somewhere. From Civil War Americana WIP (unedited)

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