Thursday, January 31, 2008

What one person can do...

Well, we’ve reached the last day of January in the New Year and as we look back at it and how well we have or have not kept or resolutions so far, I want to tell you about a friend of mine and what one person can do to touch the lives of many people.

Yeppers, I am happy to say Kelley Graznow is a friend of mine! I met her on Christine Feehan’s Yahoo Discussion loop way back when I truly was timid and shy. She is one of the first friends I made. I give her credit as being one of the ones who lured me to the dark side. *g* Along with several other ladies from all over the planet, we have shared many laughs, tears and cyber hugs. I am still amazed how we all bonded and have become an internet family.

So I already knew Kelley is a wonderful person with a generous heart and it didn’t surprise me when she started writing to soldiers and sending packages. But what it has grown into *blink*

You see, Kelly works at customer service, first for America West now US Airways. At her job she sees a lot of our troops saying goodbye to family and friends as they ship off overseas, especially after 9-11. It was a sad atmosphere in the Port Columbus Airport and she wanted to do something. Find someway to make these men and women feel appreciated and not so alone when far from home.

A friend told her how to get in touch with someone who had names and addresses of some soldiers, for security you can’t just mail to “Any Soldier” you needed names. Well she started with a few, and they wrote back, some giving her names of other soldiers that could use some TLC. She added them to her list and started sending them packages. Her understanding husband helping and not killing her when she maxed out the credit card to do it. And her list kept growing…She recruited friends and students in her son’s schools. She sends us addresses when a birthday or holiday is coming up and we send cards and packages too. Authors like Lori Foster, Christine Feehan, and Marjorie Lui lend a hand, spreading the word and donating some funds and books.

On December 16th she was interviewed by the Columbus Dispatch and on New Years Eve She was honored by the NHL Columbus Blue Jackets as one of 7 2007 Community Teammate Award recipients… She isn’t doing this for public praise and isn't fond of being in front of crowds, (*g* I think she is very deserving of the award and Congratulations to her !!!! You should read some of the Kudos she received on Lori Foster's Dec. 19 my space blog! )But she does it for the soldiers, each one she writes to becomes like family to her. She said if this fifteen minutes of fame helps get the word out, helps people want to support our soldiers then she will. She went to the game and she and her family had a great time. (Oh I wonder how red her face was!)

I love the article! Give it a read Woman, her army ship joy to troops
Get to know a little about what she does and how she’s affecting the lives of young men and women she never even met. Then decide if you would like to help out and get involved. It doesn’t take much to send an extra card in the mail or pick up some items for a package, or send a small amount of money so she can continue to send more but it means so much to the soldiers at the receiving end.

Contact her below and may your heart feel the joy touching the life of a stranger can bring,

attn Kelley Granzow
PO BOX 624
Brice, OH 43109


Monday, January 21, 2008

A Smut Meme by Isabella Snow

I've been Tagged by Corrine Davies to respond to a Smut Meme. You're welcome to post it on your blogs, the rules are as follows: You must call it the Smut Meme (obvious reasons, I'd hope), you must link to me in the title, and you must tag 2 people, and link to them as well. Oh, and you must post this little blurb at the beginning, like I've just done. Got it? Ok then.

The idea is to pick one or the other, even if you prefer neither. I'll go first. If you want to play along you can answer the questions in the comments. Okay does it mean i am super-smutty if i have a hard time narrowing down to one choice or as My hubby says: "It means you are just alot of fun"?*blink*

1. Chocolate or Whipped Cream: *Sigh* See this is what I mean! Okay I'll go with Chocolate since I would chose Cool Whip over whipped cream because it doesn't melt as fast.

2. Leather or PVC: I love the way Leather Breaths!

3. Outdoor Sex or Indoor Sex: *whimper* SEX *g*

4. In the Jacuzzi or In Bed? Okay Come on! Variety is the spice of life!

5. Bad Sex or No Sex: No Sex. I have limits i do need to get some pleasure out of it!

6. Dominate or Be Dominated: Be Dominated or at least let him think he is dominating me *g*

7. Thigh highs or Bodystocking: THigh Highs, drive him crazy knowing under that peasant skirt is...

8. Fast or Slow: Okay I'll put slow.. no wait... there is something to be said about a hot furious quickie *wails* I don't know!

9. Rough or Gentle: DO I really have to limit myself?

10. Bite or Suck: Bite. then Suck

11. Role play or Reality: Reality

12. Dirty Talking or Dirty Talking To: prefer being driven to a nonverbal audible sounds frenzy

13. Edible panties or No Panties: No panties, haven't found edibles that taste good, but i have found a candy bra that seems yummy.

14. Spanking paddle or Bare-handed: Bare-handed

15. Landing Strip or Kojak: Landing Strip, no pre-puberty look for me.

16. Multiple Sessions or One Good Fuck: See here again it would depend on my mood and the situation.

17. Moaning or Screaming: Moaning...loud *g* I agree with Corrine.

18. Older Men or Young Men: My three year older Hubby.

19. Threeway or No Way: No Way I am too selfish to share.

20. Swing or No Swinging: No Swinging umm thats trading partners not the swing hanging from the ceiling right? *g*

And I tag: My Cowriter Rissa Melissa Lopez & Jenna Leigh If you don't know the answers, make them up!

may you always leave yourself open to choices and find ways to have fun with your romance!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Coming soon!

My how time flies, its been almost a year since Heart On His Sleeve was released as an Ellora's Cave Valentine Vixen Quickie. I am so excited to announce that it will be released in print, in an anthology titled Candy Cravings, this Febuary!

Update on Colm's Win, Bess is willing to sacrifice everything to give Colm a fair chance at a victory but still struggles with giving him the prize he truly wants.
Update on progress, *sigh* the meter site isn't cooperating so no pretty graph.
We are up to 13,385 words into the 20,000 total target.

We are chatting tonight at the M'spot!, click here! We being the Mmmm Authors, Mechele Armstrong, Melany Logen, Melissa Lopez, and Marissa Alwin. click the link and come on in!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Hey everyone *sigh* don't you just love a great set of Abs? *dreamy sigh*

I hope your new years are off to fabulous starts. One of my new years resolutions is to blog here every week, even if its just a quick hello.
Today I have happy news to share! Melissa Lopez, The Rissa Half of this co-writting team, has had her first release with Samhain Publishing!
Boomerang Love
Take a look, read the excerpt, then tell me you aren't enticed to read more and make a purchase!

Congratulations Melissa!
*Caddyshack gopher dance*